New Year, New Tools

by DoreneBates
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New Year, New Tools

New Year, New Tools

AnswerGardenCan be used for brainstorming, polls, comments, or answering questions on a wiki, blog, or web link.

Some of the tools shown in this glog came from Super Book of Web Tools for Educators. Click here for your free ebook copy.

Symbaloo EduSocial Bookmarking, or used for research projects and share the web link with students and/or teachers.

CapzlesCreate timelines using images, videos, sound, etc. Use for researching historical figures, animals, habitats, science experiments, or inventions.

Snag LearningEducational videos that can be shown in the class or assigned to students who are absent. Questions are associated with the video for discussion. Teachers can create lesson plans and upload to go with the videos.

Museum BoxCreate multimedia descriptions of a person, place or event in history; create a habitat or biome box; create theme, setting, place, etc. of classroom novels.

Story BirdTeachers can create student accounts for collaborative story telling. Use illustrations that are already in Story Bird to tell the story. Some ideas for using Story Bird: create non-fiction books on animals, habitats, famous people, etc.

Edmodo is a secure space for teachers and students to upload assignments, videos, projects, etc. The teacher sets up the class, generates a code to give to students, students then sign up (do not need an email account) and put in the code and become a member of the class.


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