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new viruses

By: Swarani Roy

What is a Virus?A virus is a type of malware (malicious software) that when it is opened on your computer, it copies itself onto other files such as data files which then gets the other programs infected. Viruses do harmful things to your computer such as stealing hard disk space, taking private information, destroying data and many other things as well.

Virus HistoryComputer viruses were largely seen in the 80's and became more known becasue of the spread of personal computers, computer bulletin boards, and floppy disks. Early viruses used to be pieces of a code inserted into a larger program which when the user downloads or runs the program, it loads itself onto memory to find other programs on the disk. Once it finds the program, it alters the program so that the virus's code adds into the specific program. Then the virus releases the "real program" while the user has no idea that the virus was running and since the virus has replicated itself onto other programs , the next time the user opens those programs, it will infect other programs as well.


Why Do People Create Viruses?People create viruses simply for enjoyment and/or they take pleasure in watching things blow up. People also use it to access your personal information.

Three Most Common Viruses

Trojan HorsesA trojan horse virus claims to be one thing such as a game, but instead when you open it, it will cause damage to your computer such as erasing your hard disk. Although, trojan horses can not be copied automatically.

WormsA worm is a small piece of software that uses security holes and computer networks to copy itself which then scans the network for another machine that has a particular security hole. The worm then copies itself to the machine using the security hole and starts replicating from there.

Email VirusesThe only way an email virus spreads is as an attachment to an email message. It usually copies itself automatically by sending itself to every contact on the victim's contact list. Few viruses don't even need to be double clicked, they start spreading when you view your message in the preview pane of your inbox.

Interesting Facts-In 1986, the Farooq Alvi brothers from Pakistan created the first PC virus.-70 % virus writers work under a contract for the Organised crime syndicates.-A worm virus named "Storm" had appeared around January of 2007 and has affected more than 50 million computers by Ocotber.