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Social Studies
World War I

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New Technology

New Technology

TanksTanks were introduced by Britain in 1916 during WWI. Tanks were used with airplanes and artilery to advance the frontline. Many countries like Germany, quickly built tanks to compete with Britain in WWI. Tanks had treds so could go over all terain but had trouble going over trenches so they had to lay out wood planks over the trenches. to advance the frontline.

"On the other hand it was known that the German line was thin and that their man-power had been attracted northwards by the long epic of the Passchendaele attack. There was a well-founded belief that the tanks would prove equal to the task of breaking the front, and sufficient infantry had been assembled to take advantage of any opening which might be made."-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Primary Source

Tanks were significant because when first introduced they were like nothng anyone had previously seen and made advancing easy. This new technology led to the winning of many battles during the war, which is why they had such an impact on the war.


Social, Political & Economic CausesTanks had Political cause and effect in a sense that they were made for war and to win battles and advance the frontline. They had economic effects becuse they were created after the industrial revolution which helped lead to the creation of tanks but, they were also expensive to make and took lots of time. They had social effects because they helped win battles which caused nationalism in countries.


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