New Technology Warfare WW1

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Social Studies
World War I

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New Technology Warfare WW1

New Technology Wafare WWI Tactical-Air Support

When, Where, Why did this happen?Wright Brothers invented working airplane in 1903. Roland Garros in 1915 came up with the first figher airplane for France. Germany later built their first fighter airplane few weeks later. The plane was later inovated in which pilots were able to drop bombs.

Significance & ImpactWorld War 1 was the first war in which aviation was used on a major scale. It allowed both the Allied Powers and Central powers to gather information from each other in the air, to bomb strategically, and to engage in tactical missions. After the war had been through, Germany lost about 30,000 aircraft and the Entente forces lost about 90,000.

Political, Social, & Economic Cause & EffectEconomically the nations economy was targeted to increase the target of planes. Politcally, nations needed to find ways to attack the enemy. They had to plan attacks. Socially, people looked at pilots as heroes.

How they were used

Allied Power Airplane

Zeppelins are big balloon ships that were invented by Germany. Orignally they were used to transport people but Germany inhanced them for bombing raids in WW1.

German Zeppelin

Air Fleet

Pilot dropping bombs


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