New Technology Used in WW1

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Social Studies
World War I

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New Technology Used in WW1

New technology used in WW1

It was not until the finaly year of the War that the major armies made effective steps in revolutionizing matters of command and control to adapt to the modern battlefield, and started to the new technologies to effective military purposes.

Artillery was often sited in the front line to five over open sights at enemy infantry.Poison Gas- Germany had the most advanced chemical industry in the world.Tanks- Although the concept of the tank had been suggested as early as the 1890s, few authorites showed them until the trench.Stalemate of WW1 caused serious contemplation of unending war.

Technology reflected a tend toward industrian and the application of mass production methods to weapons and to the the technology of warfare in general.

1. Trench Warfare2. Artillery3. Poison Gas4. Command and Control5. Railways6. War of Attrition7. Air Warfare8. Tanks9. Naval Warfare10. Flame Throwers

50 years prior to the war during the U.S. Civil War, and continued through many similiar conflicts in which new weapons were tested.

The earlier years of the first World War can be characterized as a clash of 20th century technology with 19th-century warfare in teh form of ineffective battles with huge numbers of casualties on both sides.

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Because of technological advancements at this time in history warfare was changed because the much more efficient weapons made it much easier to kill the enemy.

These new advancements, such as tanks, machine guns, and lethal gases such as mustard gas casualties were much higher and trench warefare was introduced to keep soldiers safe while not in combat due to the ability to kill enemies from long distances.


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