New Teacher Orientation Glog

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New Teacher Orientation Glog

What can you do with Glogster in the classroom?The possibilities are endless!

Create links and expand your teaching!

Students can use Glogster too! Edu.Glogster lets you set up safe user names and passwords. Use them over and over! Your students will love using Glogster to complete assignments. Imagine the book reports and research projects your students will complete!

World Record Writing!Go to the Guinness World Records website to find the following information:www.guinnessworldrecords.comWhat records do the following people hold?1. Daniel Sanchez-Ruiz2. Alayna Salazar3 Ken Edwards4. Michael Lotito5. John CassidyHow can you set a world record?*Watch the videos to see the people who have set some of these records. Write a brief summary of one of the videos you watched.*Write a persuasive paragraph to convince your classmates to watch the video you summarized.Save your file in your "My Documents ELA" folder as World Record Writing-your name

Here is a link to the Guinness World Record Website



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