New Revolutionary "Cure all"

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New Revolutionary "Cure all"

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New Revolutionary "Cure All"


Have you heard of Gene Therapy? Probably not, if so, then let me tell you of the wonderful world of gene therapy.It was first thought of in 1972 by Theadore Friedmann, but was not tested until long after. In the 90's the first patient was treated using this surprisingly controversial treatment method. The patient was a four year old girl with ADA deficiency; it worked.

If it worked then so well then why don't we all know about it? You may ask. First,is that we still know very little about how this treatment works. But theoretically it could be used to cure anything from diabetes to cancer.Second, is thateven though we have been researching this treatment for decades; it isn't quite safe. Researchers are currently working on making it safer to use, and reducing side effects. Such as cancer, the genes targeting wrong cells, bad immune system reactions, and infection caused by the virus used to bond the new genes to the host.

By now you may wonder how this mystery cure works. Well, it first has to enter you body and bond with your cells. How? You may ask. Through a virus. Yep. doctors attach the new genes to a controlled virus and is then bonded to the nucleus of your cells. The new genes then repair mutated genes while making protiens to help grow your body properly and fight diseases.

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<---- This is a diagram of how the virus helps the new genes attach to the cells. I would explain it but the image does it more thoroughly than I would.

As stated before, Gene Therapy is still in development and will not be ready for public use for many years. This type of treatment has many positive features, but is still not well understood enough for it to be available. Though research is done in both collages and hospitales and only by medical professionals approved by the FDA.

Once again I say that this form of treatment has some miraculous results. Some of the major diseases that theoretically be cure include:-Severe Combined Immune Disorder-Chronic Granulomatus Disorder (CGD)-Hemophilia-Cancer-Neurodegenerative Diseases(Others In testing)To explain further how effective this treatment is I will focus on explaining one of these diseases this would be CGD.CGD is a genetic disease that stops or hinderes the effectiveness of ones immune system. This causes repeated painfull infections all over the persons body. The only other way to treat this disease is to continuosly treat it with antibiotics or even gamma for their entire life.



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