New Orleans

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New Orleans


Relative :Louisiana is west of Texas, South of Arkansas, Northwest of Mexico, and East of the Mississippi River. Exact :29.9667° N, 90.0500° W (New Orleans) 717 Orleans StNew Orleans, LA70116


New Orelans

There are many bayou in Louisiana. They could be called by their actual name , for example Bayou Sorrel. This would be an example of a perceptual region. A good example for formal region would be Magazine Street. Its a 6 mile long strip of shopping plaza’s , restaurants, and furniture stores that could not be mistaken for any other area in New Orleans. U.S. Highway 90 is a functional region because it is a major highway that helps people, goods, and ideas travel throughout the area.

Landforms: Sand domes, Sabine Uplift, Coastal WetLandsInfrastructure: Orleans Street, Radio Station WWOZ FM, Tulane University, Climate/Weather: Usually the weather will vary from very cold to extremely hotCulture: a very in diverse cultures and ethnicities, this is a city with soul. Water Features: the mississippi river, Cajun Encounters Swamps, Gray Line Swamp, Honey Island Swamp, Jean Lafitte Swamp, Pearl RiverSocial Practices: Voodoo, Dancing, Mardi Gras, Jazz musicAnimal LIfe/Ecosystems: Gators, frogs, lighting bugs, snakesHistory: Louisiana began under Spanish control then was sold to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.Vegetation/Land Cover: Baldcypress, Oak-Gum-Cypress, Cypress TreesPopulation Data (Total Population, GDP, Life Expectancy): 369,250 , $33,852, 54 years

In Louisiana boats are a big way of transporting the gators. Throughout the city they travel in the basic car and trucks. Ideas travel through the city by people, everyday there are new ways to do different things which are shared between people by word of mouth.


The swampy area makes seafood the most common delicacy in the area. Because the area is full of swamps and watery areas there are many houses on stilts. In Louisiana humans usually hunt alligators and fish, eventually the population of gators will be lowered due to these activities. After Mardi Gras there is a lot of streamers and decorations left over which end up building up piles of garbage in a trash heap destroying the environment.




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