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New Mexico

New mexico is located in south west America. It has a population of 2.086 million ans has hot weather but little rain.New Mexico was first a state in January 6, 1912Some Major bodies of water in New Mexico are the Rio Grande, Pecos Rivver, Conchas Lake, and Navajo Reservoir.The nickname for New mexico is The Land of Enchantment

The Motto Is "Crescit eundo" It is Latin for "It grows as it goes"

Maria Martinez: 1884-1981She is famous for refinding the Pueblo black pottery technique with her husband.

Maria Martinez

New Mexico Capital building

New Mexico Map!

College of Santa Fe:Fine Arts Center

Oasis State Park In New Mexico!

New Mexico state flag and seal

New MexicoDenise NoelClass: 135

Oasis State Park is a park in New Mexico with cottonwood trees and a park for kids to play with. It also has some benches to relax on. You can fish in the lake or lie on the sand dunes.

Trivia:Q. Where is New Mexico located?Q. What is New Mexico's motto and what does it mean?Q. Who is Maria Martinez?(answers)A1. South West America.A2. Crescit eundo and it means it grows as it goes.A3. She is a famous woman for redescovering the Pueblo black pottery technique with her husband.

New Mexico Downtown Albuquerquetour guide

New Mexico: State Song


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