New Map of the Ocean Floor

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Earth Sciences

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New Map of the Ocean Floor

New Map Uncovers Thousands of Unseen Seamounts On the Ocean Floor

Gravity model of the N. Atlantic; red dots are earthquakes. Quakes are often related to seamounts. Image: David Sandwell, SIO

Fact:Scientists have created a new map of the world's seafloor, offering a more vivid picture of the structures that make up the deepest, least-explored parts of the ocean.

Fun Fact:Thousands of previously uncharted mountains rising from the seafloor, called seamounts, have emerged through the map, along with new clues about the formation of the continents.

Gravity gradient model, Mid-Atlantic Ridge; green dots are earthquakes of at least magnitude 5.5. Image: David Sandwell, SIO

article title: Oct. 2, 2014

Sam Hodges

Brittle stars and deep-sea corals cover a known seamount in the western Pacific Ocean.


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