New Lothrop Bowling Team

by cwalli
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New Lothrop Bowling Team

The New Lothrop Bowling Drill Midseason Edition!

Five Weeks Till Regionals!

Perfect Series in 2015

Go Kelsey!

The Boys and Girls teams are both in Second Place as of 1/24/2015. We are going to be well placed to qualify for the State Finals if we keep our momentum up!

Fighting Hornets!

Our Hotel

A Toledo man made bowling history.Monday night during a league at New Glass Bowl Lanes on Telegraph Road, 26-year-old right hander Earon Vollmar rolled a perfect 900 series. That is three consecutive 300 games. 36 strikes in a row.Vollmar says pending official approval, he would be the 26th approved 900 in U.S. Bowling Congress history."Every bowler dreams of that day that you have a chance of shooting that perfect 900 series," says Vollmar. "It's a rare thing. Not many people even come close to it and for me to accomplish that last night, I just can't believe it. It's so cool."Vollmar has worked at the pro shop at New Glass Bowl Lanes for 11 years. He says he bowls three times a week.

We are in Mt. Pleasant this year for Regionals. Feb. 27-28

Only 25 Perfect Series EVER!

Tip of the Day!

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