New Kingdom

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New Kingdom

New Kingdom

Queen Hatshepsut married at a young age. Hatshepsut served 20 years of Queen. She married a pharaoh Thutmose II. Hatshepsut had two people in her family, her husband Thutmose II, and her stepson Thutmose III. Her stepson would take over after she died, but it depends on how good he can control the kingdom. Then when she died her stepson took over the role of the pharaoh.

Ramses the great was born on 1213 BC. Rames had over 200 wife's.Also he had over 162 kids,but not all of his wife's had kids some had miss charges .Ramses the Great was the longest living king. He was a pharaoh he was king for 67 years.Most of the kings only live to 40 but Ramses the Great lived to the age 90. He was an very important king since he lived so long most people loved him.Also he fought Hittites in the Asia Minor

Queen Hatshepsut

Ramses the Great




The Egyptians had a specific religion that everyone had to follow. They all believed in all of the gods. If anyone disrespected the pharaoh (gods) then you would not be rewarded with a perfect afterlife. Everyone had to have the same beliefs or there would be a punishment. Most Egyptians had dolls for important reasons. For your religion they would specify what category you are in. The Egyptians had a different religion that everyone had to go by the rules or they would have consequences.

The afterlife was very important to the ancient Egyptians. They thought that they needed the body to be able to survive in the afterlife. So, they needed to prepare the body in this process. First they took out every internal organ except for the heart. They thought that he heart was the only valuable organ that they needed to survive. They even took out the brain because they thought it was useless. The rich or wealth could only be able to pay for this process. The poor had to be left out in the desert to mummify on its own. Afterlife was very admired by the ancient Egyptians.

King Tutankhamun was the youngest king .He was king at the age of nine years old.He did not have a hard time we gest because he had his mom to help him.He became king in 1323 BC until 1332 BC, He died at the age of 19 so he was king for 10.He when he was born he had a hard choice of being a king at a young age.King Tut was a very good king.

King Tutankhamun(Tut)

The great pyramids very special to the Egyptians pharaoh. The pyramids were made out of limestone why because the limestone holded the best. Most of the time it took over 100,000 workers to finish the pyramids .The first pyramid was built on 2611 BC.There were made for the Pharaoh to use .

The Sphinx was made for the pharaoh Khafre. It has the body of a lion and the face of a human. The Sphinx was built 2500 BC .The Sphinx had a head of a pharaoh meaning of the god so it could protect certain area. Also it had a body of a lion which meant that they can defend themselves without any help against a invaders.

The temples were built for a pharaoh or any people to live in .There we're dedicated to their gods which was the Pharaoh. It would also help them to comcast to the gods. There were many steps to building a temple so there was people that were involved to help their family. There were made out of stone , but if that didn’t hold the worker would have to take it all down and have to build it with limestone.


Temples Building


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