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New Jersey

Battle of PrincetonThis unfair battle was the cause of 400 patriots deaths, they died in the unsuring saftey of Princeton New Jersey. General George Washington had out smarted General Cornwallis , with his troops out numbering George Washington's, by fleeing from Trenton to Princeton with his 5,000 tired troops.

Jersey Tomato

Jersey Tomato The Jersey's Tomato has had it's old flavors revived Rutgers University students. They proceed to help the tomato by finding old flavors and bringing them back to life. The Campbell Soup co. is a big factor for the tomato. Their first ever introduced to the public in 1897 it made many peoples lives much easier! Tomatos also could of been something the Colonist relied on, when they came to America.

John Stevens, for a few years, thought of making his estate or large compound in Hoboken NJ.

HighlandsIn the year 1525 a dutch settler named Giovanni De Verrazano was the first to ever(besides the Natives) explore an area in New Jersey now called the Highlands. After him English and lots more came flooding into this amazing wooded area. Now this area is part of New Jersey, and attracks many people. The Highlands has lakes for swimming and other water activities, wildlife, and lots more fun things to do. The Highlands was also a place for Natives to help the colonist live and stay.

Steam BoatThe first ever steam boat to go to sea, was the "Phoenix" made by John stevens, but he wasn't the only creater of the steam boat at the time. Robert Fultors made the "Clermont" in 1807, This was the first FINACIALLY succesful steam boat to go to sea. These two steam boats led way to steam boat transportation, which is transportation of goods, people, and more!

New Jersey!

William LivingstonYou may of seen his name as a town, you may know him as our first elected govener. You may not know him, this person is William Livingston! Wlliam livingston's first career was law, and began to protest against the british taxes. Later on he got tired or bored of law, his solution was to move to Elizabeth town, NJ and built his estate. Soon after, war broke out and William joined the Continetal Congress then became a New Jersey military as a brigader general. Later on in his life he became the first ever elected govener of NJ, he helped a lot as someone who helped form the New Jersey we know today!

William Livingston

Hoboken NJ

My Pledge for New JerseyI pledge to eat only the most ripe and round tomatoes.I pledge to relax in our most beautiful region, the highlands.I pledge to remember the unfair Battle of Princeton.I pledge to honor our first elected govorner, William livingstong.I will forever love my state New Jersey.


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