New Jersey

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New Jersey

This is a picture of what normal colonial citizens would do during the day

This is a map of colonial of New Jeresy

These are pictures of the founders of New Jersey, John Berkeley and George Carteret. New Jersey was given to them by the Duke of York.

The colony of New Jersey was settled by european coloinist right around 1609. Sir Henry Hudson explored New Jersey coast and bays. Part of the new colony was already settled by the Dutch and the Swedish. The dutch called it New Netherlands and the sweddish called it New Sweden. In 1664 the entire colony was handed over to the English. After the colony was handed over to the English a treaty was established called Treaty of Westminister in 1674. The English stayed control of the region until the American Revolution. Charles II granted the Duke of York the land between New Hampshire and Maryland, soon after the Duke of York granted the land between the Hudson River and the Delaware River to two friends who had been loyal to him through the English Civil War, George Carteret and Lord Berkeley of Stratton. Lord Berkeley sold his part of New Jersey to two Quakers. Quakers are a religious group that was persecuted in Engalnd, and many of them moved to American. New Jersey Was divided into east and West Jersey and The Quakers moved to West Jersey.

New Jersey

- New Jersey was called the break basket colony - New Jersey had multiple rivers that connected to the atlanitic so it was very easy to ship goods and make trades -New Jersey was the first colony to sign the bill of rights. -Most of New Jersey's colonists were farmers. -They grew flax, rye, wheat, corn and vegetables. They also fished for whalesso they could sell its bones and oil-When kids were not working, doing chores, going to school, or going to church they played many fun games such as marbles, hopscotch and tag.

-New Jersey was the third offical state. -New Jersey had a mild climate and warm summers, mild winters, this climate made farming in New Jersey possible.-New Jerseys state motto is "Liberty and Prosperity"-In 1676 New Jersey was divided into two parts, East Jersey and West Jersey-In 1702 East Jersey and West Jersey joined together into one colony-The Native Indians of New Jersey were the Abnaki, Malecite, Passamaquoddy and Pennacook


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