New Jersey vs. T.L.O

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New Jersey vs. T.L.O

T.L.O was a high school student who was caught smoking in the bathroom. She was called inro the prinipals office and he searched her purse. The police were called and they discovered cigarettes, a small amount of marijuana, and a list containing the names of students who owed T.L.O. money.

New Jersey Appellate Division found that the search was totally proper. However, the New Jersey Supreme Court found that the search was not reasonable , and therefore found that it was required to exclude the evidence which had been found in the search. When the trial reached the official Supreme Court, the ruling was 6-3 that the search was reasonable.

T.L.O claimes it was a violation of her 4th ammendment right. The Vice Principal beleived he had a reasonable excuse to go through the purse, in a school zone. TLO moved to have the evidence from her purse suppressed but her motion was denied. After her first hearing, she was sentenced to year of probation. However she still felt a violation of her rights so she appealed. the Superior Court of New Jersey affermed her motion for denial of the evidence.

4th Ammendment

It protects against arbitrary arrests, and is the basis of the law regarding search warrants, stop-and-frisk, safety inspections, wiretaps, and other forms of surveillance, as well as being central to many other criminal law topics and to privacy law.


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New Jersey vs. T.L.O(1985)



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