New Jersey: The Garden State

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New Jersey: The Garden State

Thomas Edison


New JerseyThe Garden State!

TrentonTrenton is the capital of New Jersey. It is where the Assunpink Creek flows into the Delaware River. Trenton became the capital of New Jersey in 1790.Thomas EdisonThomas Edison introduced the light bulb in 1879. None of Thomas Edison's inventions had a greater effect then the improvements of the light bulb. Thomas Edison's lab was in Menlo Park, New Jersey.Robert WuhlRobert Wuhl is an actor, comedian, and writer. He is the creator and star of his own television comedy. He was born in New Jersey.

Revolutionary WarThe Revolutionary War began in 1775. Large numbers of people from New Jersey joined the fight. Also, many other people from New Jersey joined the British side.

Atlantic Coastal PlainThe Atlantic Coastal Plain covers the largest portion of New Jersey. It covers 3/5's of New Jersey. The Atlantic Coastal Plain includes an Inner Coastal Plain and an Outer Coastal Plain.

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Revolutionary War

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