New Jersey: Society and Culture

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New Jersey: Society and Culture

Men's clothes were much different than they are today.Some men wore tights.they wore longsleeved collared or ruffled hirts.They wore pointed hats.They also had pointed shoes.Boys wore a hat and cape.A button up shirt.And pointed shoes.

Important EventsThere were many things that happened during the early years of New Jersey.Many events changed New jersey that still stay in affect today.For instance the coledge is now an Ivy League school one of the most elite of the colledges in America.The Quaker religion is still going on there.It has become an important part of America.

Food and ReligionFood in the middle colines was very similar.Breakfast had a few options.Some may eat porridge with bread(bread was served mostly during breakfast).Supper consisted of boiled porridge with some form of meat and potatoes.Snacks consisted of cookies cake or popcorn.Religion was a big impact on food to.The main religion was protestant.

New JerseySociety and Culture

Girl's and women's clothes didn't really change over the years.Here are some clothes that the girls wore.They wore dresses.They wore bows in there hair.There hair was curled.And the wore shoes that went to a point.Women wre coats or lond dresses as seen in the picture to the left.They may have worn collared t shirts.A hat or ankle length skirts. and they had curly hair.

Girls and Womens clothes

Mens and Boys Clothes


1664- colony was founded 1675- Quaker colony founded in Salem1746- Princeton college was established


Indians and medicineAs the new American people showed up in the new world they encountered Indians or Native Americans.These people were in America way before the new explorers.These people can not be found today due to war,murder,or illness.When the Europeans came over they came with an idea that they could just take the land to themselves.So small war would be common to claim or keep land however, the Europeans had the upper hand in almost every fight due to there ability to make strong fire arms and armour and on the other hand the indians had bows and no armour.Another way Native Americans died was because of illness.The Europeans brought diseases that the Indians never encountered before.That was a large impact on the population of indians.Back then ther were no medicines that would cure your illness real quick. For instance, a common cold that we make take a pill for and it be over in a few days may kill hundreds of Indians.

sources: The New Jersey Colony.


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