New Jersey: Makenna Wright

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Social Studies

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New Jersey: Makenna Wright

New Jersey

The Quakers founded New Jersey because they wanted a safe place to live and worship.

Their daily life was farming, grist mill, lumber mill, general store, export flour, and ship building.

Their geography was flat plains, rolling hills, grassy meadows, thick forest, and harbors.

1. East and West Jersey combinedinto one colony.2. New Jersey is borerded on Northand East by the U.S.3. The colony name for it is Isle ofJersy in England.


Refuge: A safe placeProprietor: An ownerJustice: FairnessDiversity: Differences among peopleImmigrant: A person who comes into the country to make a new lifeGreat Awakening: A religious movement that began in the Middle Colonies that changed the way many people practiced their religionReligious toleration: Acceptance of religious differencesMilitia: A volunteer armyArtisans: a craftsmanApprentice: A person who lived ans worked with an artisan's family for several years, learning a skill in order to earn a living



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