New Jersey Colony

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New Jersey Colony

New Jersey ColonyBy Biju Ko

1524, 1609, 1620

1638, 1639

A small Swedish colony called New Sweden claimed land around the Delaware River in 1638.In 1639 the Dutch company sent William Kieft to lead New Netherlands. Kieft risked harming the fur trade by ordering the Lenni Lenape to pay taxes.

A new company governor sent Peter Stuyvesant rebuilt the company. But new problems arose by 1651.In 1660s New Netherlands began to use enslaved Africans as workers. About one-tenth of New Netherlands population was made up by enslaved people.

1651, 1660,

English warships and soldiers took New Amsterdam without a fight in 1664. New Netherland became New York.New Jersey split between Quaker West Jersey and Carteret's East Jersey in 1676The two Jersey's rejoined in 1702 when the English goverment took control of New Jersey away from the private owners.

1664, 1676, 1702

In 1524 Lenni Lenape first encounted Europeans when Giovanni Da Verrazano landed in the region.Henry Hudson claimed a huge part of Lenni Lenape for the Netherlands in 1609.A Dutch company called the Dutch West India Company built trading posts along the Delaware River in 1620

Bread products were made from wheat and oats. Wheat also became a cash prop.

Cash Prop- a crop grown for sale rather than for a family's own use.


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