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new hampshire

*Founded in 1679*Founded by John WheelwrightReason for founding-Farming*7th colony madeMajor Cities-Exeter, Dover, Stratham, Durham, and Concord*Founded for farmingReligion-PuritanismGovernor-Sir John WentworthIndustries-Potatoes, Fishing, Textiles, Shipbuilding, and trading

Interesting Facts*Was part of Massachutsetts*Named after the county, "Hampshire" in England*Establisher was John Mason

The New Hampshire colony was founded by John Wheelwright in 1679,also it was the 7th colony made.New Hampshire got its name from Hampshire in England,and was founded for farming.Its govenor was Sir John Wentworth, also its major cities are Concord, Exeter, Dover, Stratham, and Durham.

By: ChrisWhitehead

Colony of New Hampshire


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