New Hampshire

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New Hampshire

In New Hampshire many jobs were avalible, like manufacturing and agriculture. People in New Hampshire made their living through fishing, farming, shipbuilding, and coastal and overseas trade. The main industry in New Hampshire was ship building.

I am John Mason, founder and namer of New Hampshire in 1623.


New Hampshire New England Colony Created By: Saniya, Danny, and Yari

New Hampshire had a very changeable climate. Summers were short and warm, winters were long and cold.The winters were harsh in New Hampshire, most colonists died from diseases. Most crops hadn't survived in the winter. Summer was too hot to grow crops the crops dried out. Spring was the best time to farm in the year. The land was very rocky and had many hills and mountains. Since the land was rocky it was not a good place to farm.

To the left is the New Hampshire map showing this colony and neighboring colonies. To the right is the House Of Burgesses, where all decisions are made.

Under here is a (appropriate) video about the New England Colonies of the thirteen colonies videos.

John Mason

House Of Burgesses


I am Sir John Wentworth the colonial governor of New Hampshire.


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