New Hampshire colony

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New Hampshire colony

Founding the New Hampshire ColonyThe New Hampshire Colony was founded by John Mason.This colony was planned before hand and the was givin to Captain John Mason. This colony was created as a fishing colony.

Geography In the New England colonies they don't have rich soil because of the cold weather. The rocky coast has harbors and thick forests.

ResourcesThe resources of the New England colonies were fish, fur, wheat, and lumber.

The New Hampshire Colony

The New Hampshire Colony was founded in 1623 and was in the New England Colonies,

ClimateThe climate in the new england colonies was rough, cold, and damp.

The economy of other parts of colonial New Hampshire was based on timber products, the fur trade, maple syrup, coppers,livestock products,and horses.

ReligionThe New Hampshire Colonies religion followed the will of the English king. It varied from tax benifits to religious requirments for voting or serving in the legislature. They preached loyalty to society.


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