New Glogzach-snakes

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New Glogzach-snakes

matingmales look for receptieve females in january When a male finds a receptive female, he will wrap his tail around hers, and insert one of his two copulatory organs

snakes mating

females lay 40-60 eggs at a time.the eggs will hatch in 100 days .

Courtship is a tricky business for snake-eating snakes as the larger male king cobra could eat a female if he was hungry. As a precaution, male king cobras seem to lose their appetites during the breeding season. Meanwhile, the female lays a pheromone trail as she moves, announcing: “I'm a female king cobra.” With his tongue ‘tasting’ the way, a male can spend days trying to locate a female.

the offsprings venom is twice as strong as the adults but its teeth havent fully developed.



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