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by Alyssa Patenaude

Enemies of the lion* Humans illegaly hunt and kill lions. * The buffalo will trample and kill the lion cubs if given a chance. * Snakes, jakles, hyenas and leopards will kill and eat small lion cubs. * Other male lions also pose a threat to the pride. They have been known to fight the exsisting male leader and try to kill the cubs to make room for their own bloodline.

The Pride The pride is made up of one adult male and five to forty females and cubs. The females will hunt in packs to increase the chances of catching prey. While the females are hunting, the male will watch over his cubs.

AdaptationsThe lion has adapted to their life and enviornment in many ways. They have goldenbrown fur to camaflouge themselves and soft pads to sneak up on prey. Also the male lion's furocious growl warns other males to stay away from his pride.

DietLions hunt and eat zebras, antalope, birds,lizards, and ocassionaly even elephants! Theyhunt and defend themselves with their sharp canine teeth, strong claws, and powerful hind legs.

HabitatLions live mainly in Africa but can also be found in the dry, hot places of India and Asia.

Three interesting facts about lions1) Lions have the largest eyes of any meat eating mammal.2) Lions can jump up to 35 feet in one leap.3) Lions can sleep twenty hours a day.

Features Female lions have golden brown fur and strong legs. Male lions also have golden drown fur, but as they grow older they develop a huge brown or black mane.