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Background•Began in New Orleans 1890s-1930s• Combo of African American work songs and Delta Blues•First American music style•aka. Voodoo rhythms•Only place that slaves could own drums


If you have to ask what jazz is, you''l never know-Louis Armstrong

•Greatly influenced Armstrong•Died in 1938->of Arterioscierosis•Lost life savings to bank in Great Depression

Joe "King" Oliver•Considered one of the most important muscians •Began as trombonist•1918-Moved to Chicago•1920-Started Creole band, went to CA•1922-1931 Touring•Retired in Savannah, GA

Louis Armstrong○Age 6: Formed vocal quartet○moved to chicago, playeed cornet in "King" Oliver's band○Recorded thousands of songs and won many awards->1964 Male preformance Grammy->1972 Lifetime Achievement Award

"What A Wonderful World"-Louis Armstrong

Armstrong claims that "If it had not been for Oliver jazz would not be what it is today."


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