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New GlogHenson

Matthew Henson was born August 8,1866 in Maryland,USA.

Matthew Alexander Henson

He became an orphan when he was 11.

He was an African American explorer and back then that was a big deal because nobody had ever heard of an African American Explorer.

He wanted to be the first person to reach the North Pole.

He met Robert Peary and planned a dangerous trip to the North Pole.

They arrived in Greenland and set up camp. Henson wanted to learn their language.

Made by Jamie

On July 6, 1908 the partners set sail. Eventually they stopped in Canada which was only 413 miles away from the North Pole.

They built a strong team. There were 24 men, 19 sleds and 133 dogs to go along with them.

In February they tried one more time. Everything went well until Henson fell into some water.

He was wet and extremely cold but luckily Ootah an Inuit saved him.

On April 5, Peary checked his navigation tool. It said that the North Pole was just 35 miles away.

Peary wanted Henson to go in front of him. Peary eventually caught up with Henson.

Peary checked his navigation tool again.It said that the North Pole was three miles away.

They went forward just to make sure they really got there.

When they were sailing home there was some bad news.

A man said that he was there a year before. The man's name was Fredrick Cook.

Everyone believed him.Henson tried to tell evryone what really happened.

But nobody believed an African American explorer.After a while people realized Fredrick Cook lied..Peary recived many honors for being the first person to reach the North Pole.But Henson was probably there first.

He died Marh 9, 1955 in New York, USA.After his death National Geographic Society gave him his highest honor; a gold medal.