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Huge interest in sport in this 6th class, particularly soccor .

History is very popular with this group of boys. They are really interested in what has happened in the world before their time. I hope to contine and develop their knowledge of history during my school placement by covering the 1916 Easter Rising.

School InformationBoys National school Newport is situated on the edge of Newport. The original school was opened in 1954. The classes range from 2nd to 6th. There are approximately 140 students attending this school. This school has grown in size due to the increased demand from the developing Newport town.

School Placement 1

Boys National School Newport

DifferentiationThe class teacher has raised my concern for the importance of differentiation when planning my lessons. This class has a wide range of abilities from exceptionally well able to very weak and uninterested. I could include many differentiated skills and tasks including:-early finisher tasks-higher order questions learning styles (visual, oral ect..)-Include pupils designed tasks-Interesting topics-simpler and more challenging tasks for each ability

Resources-PE hall-Basketball court-Football field-Computer room-Interactive Whiteboard-Reading schemes-Games equipment

By Ciara O'Sullivan 2B

Classroom Plan



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