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New Glogcnjfghfj

German Alphabet English Sound Pronunciation ExampleA a ah as in AlbertÄ ä ah as in AgeB b beh as in BertaC c tseh as in CäsarD d deh as in DoraE e eh as in EmilF f eff as in FriedrichG g geh as in GustavH h ha as in HeinrichI i ee as in IdaJ j yot as in JuliusK k kah as in KaufmannL l ell as in LudwigM m emm as in MarthaN n enn as in NordpolO o oh as in OttoÖ ö oh as in OopsP p peh as in PaulaQ q kuh as in QuelleR r err as in RichardS s ess as in Siegfriedß ess-testt as in SuperT t teh as in TheodorU u uh as in UlrichÜ ü uh as if the U was double to UUV v fow as in ViktorW w veh as in WilhelmX x iks as in XanthippeY y upsilon as in YpsilonZ z tsett as in Zeppelin



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