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I am not going to die I'm going home to the shotting stars

hello my name is is Sojourner Truth I was born in New York.My name was Isabella Baumfree but at the age of 46 I changed it to Sojourner Truth. The reason I changed my name is compacted so let me break it down for you I was born a slave and when I was 8 my mom dad got sold I was standing right there Yes I was sad but it was worth it. When I was 13 I Started working at a shop.I Did a ain’t I a woman speech They told me I got talent Sojourner Truth Speech of 1851, "Ain't I a Woman". I had 13 teen Children.There was a Quote I said in Slavery and now and forward I still say is ( I am not going to die I am going home to the shooting stars)



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