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By. Tatiana Espinoza

What did flapper wear? Flappers were people that wore a lot of makeup, and they also cut their hair short. They also wore short skirts, and jewelry. They wore this stuff because final women had a say in things. They had rights to vote and that was all because of the 19th amendment. They final could have fun and do what they want to do.

How did the women change in the 1920s? The women changed very dramatically they started drinking, smoking and started to host petting parties. They also had the right to vote because the 19th amendment was passed. Flappers were women or teenage girls that instead of wanting to settle down with a husband they decided they would go out and have fun.

Why women become flappers? Women became flappers because of after world war 1. Women started to believe that there was not a lot of time to live that they could die at anytime. So they need to live their lives now rather then later. They believed that you don't have long to live it is time to live our lives now rather then later. They decided that it is time to have fun there's no reason that you have to settle down right away you have to live your life a little.

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why were flappers important to the 1920s?flappers were important because it was they strat to women taking a stand and being who they want to be. it all started when they passed the 19th amendment. after that women started to have more freedom.



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