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Dante Alighieri

Poet, writer, political thinker. Dante was a Medieval Italian poet and philosopher whose poetic trilogy, The Divine Comedy, made an indelible impression on both literature and theology.

1265Dante BornMay 1, 1274Meets Beatrice1275Begins Education1282Completes Education1283Father Dies; Marriage1287Beatrice Marries1289Battle Between Guelphs and Ghibellinis1292Vita Nuova1294Death of Brunetto Latini1295Begins Political Career1300Becomes a PriorJun 9, 1301Opposes PopeOct 1301Goes to RomeNov 1, 1301Takeover of FlorenceJan 27, 1302Dante ChargedMar 10, 1302Dante Exiled1302Poetry Treatise1308Begins Commedia 1314InfernoJun 13, 1315Turns Down Florence's InvitationAug 1321IllnessSep 1321Death


Dante Alighieri wrote of epic poem The Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy had more then 14,ooo lines. Dante's works also include La vita nuova [the new life] (written c.1292), a collection of prose and lyrics celebrating Beatrice and illustrating his idealistic concept of love; the Convivio (c.1304), an encyclopedic allegory praising both love and science; De monarchia, a treatise on the need for kingly dominance in secular affairs; and De vulgare eloquentia, on rules for the Italian vernacular.

Lasting Impact

Dante was best known for the epic poem, The Divine Comdey. Dante has given the world a poem that has lasted through time and influenced others simultaneously. Dante’s work still holds an influence and to some, a relevance in modern society that other literature does not surpass.


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A Brief History of Dante Alighieri




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