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In the Winter of 1776 the Colonists were gloomy and had little hope for their victory. George Washington was desperatly in need for a win before his troop's enlistments were over at the end of the year. He wanted to convince some of his troops to stay on the army and remeber what they are fighting for. The Battle of Trenton was part of his two part plan to do this, including reading the pamphlet "Common Sense."


The Battle only lasted for an hour for the Hessians quickly surrendered in an orchard they retreated to. In this attack 22 Hessians were killed, 92 wounded including General Colonel Rall, and 918 captured. On the other hand the Colonists only lost two men due to the freezing temperatures and had five wounded soldiers. The Americans received supplies, arms, and prisoners from this battle.This astounding defeat over the Hessians gave the colonists hope along with improving the morale and unity of the colonial army.

The Battle

On the Night of Christmas, George Washington and his men crossed the icy Delaware River in heavy snow and freezing rain and hiked 9 miles to Trenton in a snow storm. In the meantime, the Hessians in Trenton were drinking and partying for Christmas. On the morning after Christmas, December 26th 1776, Washington split up his men into seperate groups to attack more efficently


Why did this Battle Happen?

The Desperate American Attack on the Hessians in Trenton

The Battle of Trenton

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