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Audience Profile ExampleName: Isin VedatAge: 18Gender: FemaleNationality: Turkish/EnglishOccupation: StudentHow often do you watch music videos? Quite often, I enjoy putting on the music channel while I'm doing my college work so I end up watching hundreds!What do you do when you have spare time?I do my coursework, I often have bundles of books to read. I liked to put on my headphones so I dont get distracted by people around me.What is your favourite music genre?I like rap and hip-hop but occasionally I can enjoy mainstream music if it is really good.What did you think of our music video?I loved it! Although it was really girly unlike me I could really feel myself indulge in the video, it was very fun and entertaining.Could you see anything that could be improved?I would like to see more of the boy she was with at the beginning, I got caught in the storyline but then that was it. I felt like it could have been more consistant.

Based on the themes of our video the typical audience of our video are as follows:Age - 13 to 21. The images, locations and use of costume is very interesting for young teenagers and may enjoy it as it is a clean representation of more experienced teenagers who they may look up to. On the other hand, young adults would enjoy it also for because it fulfills there entertainment needs but also because they see the deeper meaning behing the lyrics and how we have played with them and linked certain aspects of the lyrics to its visuals.Gender- Typically women as the main singer is a girl so they can identify with her. Also the song itself is very feminine and its back story is about her and her boyfriend not being on the same page, which men might not enjoy. Nationality: Our music video isn't nationality specific.Occupation: Students in University, High School or College.Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging around with friends, enjoys socialising and is or dreams of being confident.

Feedback from teachers

Friends and Family

Typical Audience

Every few lessons we would ask our media teachers for some feedback, and a lot of the time they brought up things that we noticed ourselves but it did create a sense of urgency to amend the mistakes, it also showed them the improvements we had make while developing the product.

When doing the questionnaire we realised a lot of things. It opened our mines of what the people actually want, especially as we interviewed our target audience. It gave us a new take on what mainstream music lovers actually enjoy, not just what media students think would look unique.


While exporting the video's we had made so far to contribute to our individual blogs, it was published on youtube so it meant that peers from college could see it. When I would see them they would give me feedback, mostly positive. Also, happy and proud of the work we had done I was open to showing family members who where critically honest and complimentry, this gave me some honest feedback that we could collectively use.

This is a Pop video that the perfect demographic should enjoy as it has similar themes to our own.

ConclusionI now realise that Audience Feedback is important when making music videos. At the time an idea can seem great but once you evaluate the reasoning behind it, it is not always suitable; that is why it is good to have people around you who are not fully involved in the making to give the group neutral feedback. However, the questionnaire sample was small and therefore can not be representative nor generalised.



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