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How humans interact with Chameleonshumans interact with Chameleons by keeping them as pets.


HabitatChameleons live in Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. They also live in forests, trees and bushes. Chameleons can also be found on mountains and river valleys. They prefer temperatures of 75 to 95 degrees fahrenheit and can be found in elevations up to 3,ooo feet.

Chameleons environmentChameleons can change colour so they can camouflage when a prey is near by. Chameleons also have really long toungues so they can catch insects

What can be done to help chameleons continue to survivewe can help chameleons continue to survive by planting more trees for them to live in and by lowering the population of snakes, birds, and monkeys

How Chameleons surviveChameleons eat cockroaches, wasps, worms, flies, slugs, crickets, and pray mantises. Chameleons find food with there amazing eyes, they can see 360 degree angles and they can see 10 meters away. Chameleons tounges are about twice the size of there body length so they can catch insects.

how do chameleons help the environment?Chameleons help the enviroment by controlling the population of insects because that is what they eat.

2062In 2062 chameleons will prabably be extinct because there are 180 different species and there are already a few of them endangered


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