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What Was Houdini Famous For?Houdini started his acts at small carnivas and amuesement parks, but when he preformed his handcuff escape act, he caught the eye of Martin Beck. Beck then booked him for his Orpheum Vaudeville circuit where he soon became famous for his escape tricks. Especially his escape from a chinese water torture cell

Harry Houdini

By Robbie Doherty

What Impact Did Houdini Have On OthersHarry Houdini became famous and became a household name in the twenties. Houdini blew peoples minds and made people smile. He loved his profession and made others love his profession.

How Did Houdini Die And What Was The Signifigance Of It?In October of 1926 a student from McGill University was asked to punch Houdini in the stomach as hard as he could as part of his act. When he was punched, his appendix burst and he died. Houdini's death was the end of an era that was filled with joy and happiness. He made people love magic and he will go down as one of the best magicians of all time.

"No performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth."-Harry Houdini

Here lies Houdini

The twenties was a time of joy. Generally, people were happy and in good spirtits. One of the contributers of this joy was, who else, but Harry Houdini. He made peoples eyes bulge with his magic. He loved what he did and people loved what he did. His death, unfortuanately, fell in the twenties. But he lives on as one of the greats in the magic world.



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