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American FootballOn 6th November,1869,teams from Rutgers and Princeton Universitiesmet and played a football game together,based on English rugby rules.At first,the game was very violent and some players died because of their injuries.Walter Camp the father of American football,helped write the rules to develop the game.Today,the rules make the game safer and players wear helmets and other protective equipmen.

Sports In The USA

Basketball James Naismith, a sport teacher in Massachusetts, invented basketball in 1891. Today, the NBA is one of the top professional basketball leagues. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were basketball legends in their day.

Baseball Baseball is often called the national sport of the USA. It is a bat and ball game played by two teams of nine players on an area with four bases. The teams take turns batting The batting team tries to score "runs" by hitting the ball and then running round all four bases to "home"



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