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1920'S Research Project The Great African American Migration

The 3 main Questions1.What is the great migration? Why did the great migration happen?2.How did the great migration effect the United States?(During & After)3.What happen to the African Americans after the Great Migration? What happen to the North?

The Answers1.The northern or great migration was when boat loads of African Americans left the south for the midwest and northeast, this happen between World War I and the beginning of the great depression. The main reason for the migration was the Jim Crow Laws.*Answering Question 12.Significant economic and political problems and consequences occured during the great migration. The problems skyrocketed mostly after the migration including gain & loss in employement, more consumers, and voting power. *Answering Question 23.After the african Americans settled after the great migration they started working simple, easy jobs and spiraling downward into poverty. The african americans started to develope culture and started a major music genre called Jazz. The great migration also made the north more racially and culturally diverse.*Answer to Question 3

A map of where the African Americans Migrated to.

The great migration was a really significant event that happened in the united states because it paved a path to more things including: The harlem renaissance, the developement of Jazz, and more african american culture. The great migration wasn't all good when the african americans migrated north and west it caused a lot of disruption in the employement field and a lot of poverty.

A photograph of people illegally jumping onto trains to migrate to the northern states.

Main transport in 1920s



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