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Communication in the 21st century




Communication has greatly changed over the yearsfrom beating of drums and sending smoke signals to sending mails to ships, horseback or on foot. Today we have wireless phones that we can carry and use anywhere. It takes 2-3 seconds to connect a phone line.

Latest technology in communication slide should be 4G and 6th sense technology.

When we have a face-to-face converstaion with someone, we have a number of factors that help us get the message across, We have our eye contact, body language, vocal inflection and most importantly the ability to correct a miscommunication immediately. Over the phone conversations still have the vocal inflection and ability to correct a misscommunication. With a text meassage you simply have typed words often with poor grammar and the way your message will be interpreted is at the mercy of the one receiving the message. At least we have emotions that allow us to set the tone of the message. :)



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