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Module 8 Lesson 2 Remediation Assignment

What is federalism? A relationship between the state and the federal government with the national government being supreme.

Grants-in-aidMoney given by the federal to state governments for improvements.

Reserved PowersPowers only the state has. ex: education

Supremacy ClauseThe federal government has more power than the state government.

Concurrent PowersShared powers between the state and the federal government. ex: the power to tax

10th AmendmentPowers not given to the US government are reserved to the states/to the people.

Enumerated powers powers that are specifically listed in a constitutionex: declare war

Article IVFull faith and credit clause.

Article VArticle of the Constitution that sets up the amendment process.

How state constitutions differ from federal constitution.State constitiutions are much longer and much easier to amend rather than federal constitutions.



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