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Remeber to record time and complete missions given.Final destination= ICS

From 'Block 39,' look in front.You will see 'Circle K' right in from 'Block 39.' Cross the crosswalk, and you arrived in the destination!!!Takes: 60minutes from ICS

From the third stop walk straight untill you see the big shopping mall where there are lots of restaurants inside. There is a bridge connected to the mall and the apartments. Block 22 is located right in front of the mall with the sign that says “Dentist” in Chinese. Takes: 59 minutes from ICS

Turn and find the street Ngan Shing Street. As you walk down the street you will see the shop SASA and outside is a plant-like display. Takes: 95 minutes from ICS

Take a photo in front of this block 22.

Make a heart in front of this mall square.

From there on cut inside tothe open square and take a picture in the perspective as shown. Takes: 80minutes from ICS

Take a photo with magazines displayed out in Circle K.

Take a photo in front of two big trees from this perspective shown in the picture.



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