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atomic weight209

There are six energy levels and six valence electrons in a neutral atom of Polonium.

Marie Curie obtained Polonium from pitchblende ore. The word "pitch" means black. Blende refers to its mixture with uranium. Pitchblende is found all over the world however, it was first discovered in the Ore Mountains located on the German/Czech border. It is also known as Uraninite.

atomic number84

Marie Curie discovered Polonium in 1887.The name Polonium comes from Marie Curie's homeland, "Poland."

Polonium has no common compounds. Compounds associated with Polonium are man-made. There are more than fifty synthetically created compounds. Here are six:

List of Polonium Chemical Compounds1. Polonium dihydride 2. Polonium tetrachloride 3. Polonium tetrabromides4. Polonium diiodide5. Polonium tetraiodide6. Polonium dioxide

Polonium can be used to get rid of static electricity in machinery that rolls paper or sheet metal. It is also used for to remove dust from photographic films. Because it is highly toxic to human tissue polonium must be sealed to protect the user.

Curie noticed that unrefined pitchblend was more radioactive than uranium. This led Curie to the discovery of Polonium, realizing that there must be at least one other radioactive element. Polonium and produced by blasting bismuth-209 with neutrons in a nuclear reactor. As bismuth decays, it forms polonium-210 which is highly radioactive and damaging to human tissue.


Warning,Warning, Warning! It is alleged that Russian spies use polonium to assinate people they consider their enemies. Polonium is used as a neutron to trigger nuclear weapons. Polonium is a byproduct of cigarette smoke it is know to produce cancer in laboratory animals.

atomic symbolPO


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