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Praxis Inquiry Log OneIs team teaching effective?PRACTICE DESCRIBED:What is the big fuss about team teaching? Is team teaching an effective strategy to use in classrooms?PRACTICE EXPLAINED:2010 NAPLAN results indicate that children at Ashburton have excelled in all areas of the curriculum due to the team teaching approach being emphasized. Team teaching approach allows for more interations between teachers and students. Working as a team, teachers model respect for differences, interdependence, and conflict resolution skills. Team teaching improves the quality of teaching as various experts approach the same topic from different angles: theory and practice, past and present. Working in teams spreads responsibility, encourages creativity, deepens friendships and builds community amoung teachers. Team teaching allows teachers to share insight, propose new approachers and challenge assumptions (Education, 2013).PRACTICE THEORIZED:After considering my research I now understand the improtance of team teaching. Team teaching is an effective teaching model that caters not just for all students but also for the teachers within the practice. PRACTICE CHANGED:In futher I will encourge team teaching and support my colleagues to also participate in this practice to ensure that we are providing our students with the best practice and curriculum.

Praxis Inquiry Log 1

Team teaching

Team teaching benefits

What is best practice?

What is team teaching?

Team teaching is an approach to program delivery where two or more educators share teaching responsibilities within a classroom setting. Both teachers interact with all children at different times. Team teaching benefits children by creating a sense of belonging to a larger group whilst still maintaining individuality, enables greater development of friendships, provides more peer models, allows teachers to work more independently with your child. This provides your child with two teachers who have complimentary styles and expertise to benefit from and enables teachers to plan a more rigorous curriculum program for your child.



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