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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an English sea explorer and a navigator. He explored parts of the Artic Ocean. He also explored the Northeastern part of North America. Henry Hudson discovered the ''Hudson River''. When he sailed into the harbor he said ''what an exellent harbor it was'' on Septiember 3 1609. Henry Hudson Sailed up the river 150 miles and said ''the abundance of rich land''. He than relilized that it was not a waterway to India. Henry has been hired may times by companies such as Muscovy and the Dutch to find places. Hudson is lnown for finding the Hudson River. The dutch asked Henry to find a waterway to India to be more rich, take adventage, and more access.


Henry Hudson was born on 1565 in England, United Kingdom. He died in 1611. Henry died when his son and 7 crew members on his ship mutinied. His family and life is not known.

Henry Hudson found the Hudson river. While that was happining, De Verrazzano was previosly in that area in 1524. In 1607 he was hired by the company Muscovy to fiind a waterway from Europe to Asia. Henry Hudson made 2 trips in 1607-1608 up the river. Unfourtunitly he did not make the route to China. Hudson sailed to Spitzberg in 1607. This is an island north of Scandinavia in the Artic Ocean. Hudson found the Jan Mayen Islands. It is an Island off of Greenland. Henry Hudson sailed to Novaya Zemya in 1608. Henry Hudson was hired agian by the Dutch in east India to find the northwest passage further south in 1609. Henry sailed to Nova Scotia, then sailed south on a ship called ''the Half Moon''. In Henry Hudson's career he made 4 trips.

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    Alexa- I really enjoyed learning about Henry Hudson. Your glog taught me a lot about Henry's journey to find the Hudson river. -Kelsey A.

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    Wow Alexa,
    What a tragic event it must have been for his son to kill him but, on the other hand Henry Hudson doesn't seem lie a very nice captain. By the way nice article.

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    Alexa- Thank you for telling me about Henry Hudson. I didn't know that Henry was trying to find a waterway to India. Your video really taught me a lot about Henry Hudson. Great article!!!!!!!-Piper

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    I did't know he was looking for a waterway to India. I thought they wanted a faster access to India not more riches from it. I didn't know he did't get to China. I didn't know he explored the Arctic Ocean. Great job.-Noah