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Tuataras can live up to a hundred years old , so within their lifetime Mating generally occurs between October- December due to a warmer climate, right conditions for breeding and mating preparations. Mating begins in late summer. The Males court the female by approaching her with a proud walk or they fan out their crests to impress the female. However, occasionally male tuatara will fight to mate with the available females. If the female Tuatara is interested, breeding occurs. Unlike other reptiles, the male Tuatara does not have a reproductive organ. So in order to mate, the pair rubb their cloacas together.

Reproduction Adaptation

The Tuatara has a third eye on top of its brain between the visible eyes. The third eye can olny be seen at birth,Although this eye has no vision, it is light sensitive, and scientists believe it may function as a regulator, influencing the amount of time a tuatara spends basking. This ‘eye’ soaks up ultra-violet rays in the first few months of the tuatara’s life, helping it grow. After four to six months, the ‘eye’ becomes covered over with scales. The purpose of this ‘eye’ is still largely a mystery, although theories suggest it may help absorb vitamin D from sunlight or function as a biological clock. It is connected to the pineal gland which produces the hormone melatonin which controls the cycles of waking, sleeping, mating and hibernation.

Physicological Adaptations

It's third eye



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