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Jennifer Bradbury

Tight witing, fast pace, good story- a page tumer!

protagonist:chris and win

Chris and Win, two graduating seniors, decide to take a cross-country biking trip during the summer before they go to college. Throughout the trip, Win's behavior seems to be changing, but Chris doesn't make anything of it because Win was always acting up. But Chris begins to worry when he finds thousands of dollars in Win's bag. Near the end of the trip, the two friends separate after an argument sparks. Chris returns home and moves away to college, thinking that Win did the same. Until an FBI agent approaches Chris with questions of Win's disappearance. Chris continues to claim his innocence in Win's disappearance, but no one is buying it. Especially Win's parents. And although Chris is being pursued as a person of interest, Chris is involved in an investigation of his own; to find Win and figure out what had happened.Although I did enjoy reading the book, it did seem a bit predictable. I had assumed from the beginning that Win was still alive and the postcards that Chris received kind of gave it away. I did enjoy the back and forth chapters between the investigation and the bike trip. The relationship between Win and his parents also hinted toward the ending. Because the book is quite short, there wasn't very much room for twists and turns, so I didn't mind the predictable ending. The hunt for Win and the biking trip occurrences made the book very enjoyable.

some frlends faoe away.....others disappar.

2010AmericaWest Virginia



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