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Reading Comprehension

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IMPORTANT PEOPLE:• Guy Montag: Montag was first a fireman that started fires and not prevented them like they do now. Montag then starts to ask himself why do they burn them when they can learn something new. Montag then wants to start to read but the government is not going to let him but Montag runs away and fine people that read books and memorize the books that they read and burn the books that they read.• Clarisse McClellan: Clarisse is a girl that is 17 year-old and people think that she is crazy. She is the kind of person that likes to sees the things around her and learns new things that are in her surroundings.• Professor Faber: Faber was the knid of people that read books, but they hind from the government because they are not allowed to read the books and because they don't want to caught with the books. Faber has stead in his house and make some inventions of his own. • Captain Beatty: Captain Beatty is the boss of Montag and him and Montag work at the same place. He is a fireman that starts fires and he believes that burning books are a good thing because he thinks that the books are just nonsense.• Mildred Montag: Mildred is Montag's wife. Mildred likes to watch TV all day. Montag thinks that Mildred acts like a little girl and not like a woman that she is suppose to be. Mildred doesn't like to get in trouble with the law and the government.• The old woman who chooses to burn with her books: This women reads books and she was caught with them and she made her own choice to burn her self with the books. Montag thinks that there was something in the books that made her make that choice.• Granger: Granger is the guy that saw Montag in the woods and told Montag that they were like him. Granger reads books and he understands them. Granger tells Montag that they read the books and then burn them but before they do they memorize the book. Granger thinks that it's better to memorize them because if they every get stopped by the police, they are noit going to fine anything because they burn them.

Use glogster to create a visual display of the important people, places, and events in the novel.



• Montag tried to get the old women out of her house so the can burn it and her books, but she refused to let her books and so she took and match and set her own house on fire with her in it.• Montag took one of the books that were in the old ladies house. • Montag wanted to understand what he reed in the books, so he looked for Professor Faber.• Faber give Montag an earpiece that can let Faber hear what Montag hears without Faber really being there with Montag.• Captain finds out that Montag has token a book and wants to show that books are useless and that Montag has to burn them.• Captain Beatty sees that Montag has not burned the books yet and Captain Beatty that’s Montag and the rest of the firemen to go burn a house that has books and when Montag gets off the car, he realizes that they have stopped at his house and Captain Beatty tells Montag that now its his Duty to burn what he started.• Montag kills Captain Beatty and the rest of the firemen. The police are now looking for Montag and the first place that Montag goes is to Faber’s House. • Montag tells Faber to fade Montag sent from every thing in his house so that the Mechanical Hound wont come in his house and think that he has been there.• The Hound is after Montag. Montag goes up south along the river. • Montag fines a group of people that are also hiding because they also use to read books but now they don’t have to carry around the books that they read, they memorize it. • The police gives up on finding Montag and so they fake it and fine this random person and act like if it was Montag and tells every one that is watching the news that the hunt for Montag is done.• Montag joins the group of people that found him.• Montag sees or feels Mildred in her hotel and a bomb is came at her and she doesn’t even know and she dies.

Chicago is were Montag and Mildred meet for the first time.Montag lived in a place that the government didn't allow anyone to read books because the were useless.Montag describes this place, dark, the sun is never out and boring and that there is no life.




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