New Glog-My favourite programmes

by klaudiakuchcewicz
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New Glog-My favourite programmes

Name: Klaudia Kuchcewicz Date: 2014-04-03

My favourite Tv programmes

Television has some good points. We can watch the news and find out what is happening in the world. Our grandparents couldn't send email and they couldn't phone their friends on mobile phones.

Last year I could watch Tv a lot, but now I have a lot to learn. But sometimes I like also watching different programmes, for example : I have a talent, you get up and weekend ( the news ).

My sister doesn't watching Tv, because she has got a lot of learning. My parents also sometimes watch Tv, but my dad often watches movies about the future.

My favourite Tv programmes is a soap called Pitfalls of mind! My family like them too. It' s about capabilities of the human brain. Getting to know the tricks:)It is fantastic and clever! We watch Tv in evening.

Our brain is as well as machine!You must it to teach. You will discover its bad-points , also good-points.



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