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New Glog (Louis Pasteur)

Do you enjoy milk that doesn’t spoil in a day, how about enjoing a wide variety of healthy foods then you should thank the genius from France, Dr. Pasteur. Pasteur basicly rediscovered (reinvented) and elaborated on two basic ideas from the Old Testament:(1)causes for disease(2) life was created(3)propagates after its kind Pasteur’s discoveries sounded the death knell* for centuries of evolutionary speculation.*DEATH KNELL* a bell that anounces someone's death.

"Pasteur accepted a task to investigate a disease of the silkworm that was ravaging France’s silk industry.Pasteur, never having handled a silkworm before, traveled to the south of France to investigate. Soon after, he had isolated the microorganism causing the disease. This work contributed to Pasteur’s growing interest in infectious disease.", said last website


1822 - Childhood1840 - Biographynone - SignificancePastuer - Quotes1865- Silkworms1886- Rabies

Louis Pastuer believed that micro-organisms caused decaying matter and he showed how to get rid of micro-organisms by heating them up and different things that we use in our everyday society.


He reinvented vaccines and the way milk is now stored. Made real healthy foods and seperated good from bad in some chemicals.


Sources-, Watch this!!!)-

Louis Pasteur



By: Grace N. Santiago

There are no such things as applied sciences, only applications of science.

March 1, 1886Pasteur presented a paper describing results of using his new rabies vaccine in 350 people. He recorded one fatality, and reasoned that this was the result of vaccination begun too late to prevent the disease.


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