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AIMS:1) students to learn what thunderstorms are, the causes, when and why thunderstorms occur.2) students to learn how to conduct an experiment.3) students to be able to analysis and hypothesis.4) students to be able to write observations and evaluate outcomes.5) students to learn how to write up a science lab report.MATERIALS:clear plastic container (size of shoebox)red food colouringice cubes made with blue food colouringREFERENCES;"v=6WH4ks0hxQQ


Links made to the AusVELS:Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, frezzing (ACSSU095).Sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can effect Earth's surface (ACSSU096).With guidance, student's plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions (ACSIS103).INTRODUCTION:The lesson will begin with the introduction of Making a thundersorm science experiment. I will begin the lesson introducing the students to a lab report format to conduct the experiment. The students will learn how to write up a lab report for their chosen experiment. students will be observing as I am conducting the making a thunderstorm experiment.Students will be in groups of four-five to conduct the experiment. Students will be reqired to read the instruction sheet to be able to fill in the lap reports.



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