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Praxis Inquiry Log 2What is collaborative teaching and open learning?PRACTICE DESCRIBED:At Dallas Primary School the learning and teaching environment and school structure is designed as a 21st Centry learning. The structure of the classrooms are designed for open learning and collaborative teaching. I have observed the students and have noticed that the younger aged children are experiencing difficulties focusing and concentrating during the lesson due to the distractions caused by the other classroom. PRACTICE EXPLAINED:Research on collaborative teaching and open learnign has been conducted by York-Barr, Ghere and Sommerness (2007). Based on this research conducted it has be found that 'collaborative teaching relatioships were productive and rewarding'. The research has also found that there was a substantial increase in student achievements where collaborative teaching and open learning environments took place.PRACTICE THEORIZED:After considering my research I now believe that collaborative teaching and open learning environments are effective styles of teaching as research shows that there are higher achievements shown in children taught in this 21st Centry model.PRACTICE CHANGED:In futhur I will support collaborative teaching and open learning environments. As an educator I will work collaboratly and co-teach with other educators.

Praxis Inquiry Log Two

What is collaborative teaching and open learning?

Open learning

Collaborative teaching: Advantages and challengesTeaching and learning in an open space certainly presents a number of challenges that are not faced when teaching in a 'single cell' classroom. It was one of the criticisms of the open-plan spaces in the 1970's(Woolner, 2010). But it also presents a number of advantages too and case study by York-Barr, Ghere and Sommerness (2007).Research conducted in a Mid-west urban elementary school found that 'collaborative teaching relationships were productive and rewarding' with an substantial increase in student achievements.



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